Un Giorno da Astrofilo

Amateur Astronomy school in Tagliacozzo (AQ)
The ad of AstroTGZ
The ad of AstroTGZ

“Un Giorno da Astrofilo” has been a project made by me, Michela Rampa and collaborators to bring the knowledge of amateur astronomy to the people.  It ran from July to December 2013. In the website (in italian) it is possible to find all the history of the project and all the lectures and observations we made.

During the 11 meetings and 8 night observation sessions we explored amateur astronomy from many points of view. Starting from naked-eye astronomy to high energy physics. We observed the sky with our eyes, learning the constellations and the celestial coordinates. Then we moved to binoculars, observing the moon, the double stars and the star clusters with a 25×100 binocular. The observations with a 200mm f/5 Newtonian reflector were made to see galaxies, double stars, nebulae and planets.

Before any observation we had a “lecture” (2:00 hours) in which all the topics regarding the night session were covered, among many more. Children were involved with laboratory sessions and stories. They were challenged during the observations to beat their parents in finding constellations and celestial objects.

Here is the presentation video made by me with the voice of Andrea Palladino, physicist and big friend of mine.

The project was sustained by the cultural society “Progetto Comune” of Tagliacozzo (AQ), in partnership with Comune di Tagliacozzo, the Italian Geographical Society and the Department of Physical and Chemical Sciences of the University of L’Aquila.

Lecture Notes  (in Italian, PDF format):
  1. Introduzione all’Astronomia Amatoriale

  2. Asteroidi, Meteore e Meteoriti

  3. La Luna con il binocolo

  4. Stelle doppie e Ammassi con il binocolo

  5. Il Telescopio

  6. Stelle e Galassie

  7. Evoluzione Stellare e Nebulose (a cura di Andrea Palladino)

  8. I Pianeti del Sistema Solare

  9. Le Comete

  10. Il Sole

  11. Le ‘altre’ astronomie (Radio, IR, UV, X)

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